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Cofunds offers a wide choice of funds that can be invested into directly (unwrapped) or held within a tax efficient wrapper such as an ISA or Trust. Bond and Pension products also offer a wide range of investment funds to choose from.

Investing directly within any of the hundreds of funds available through Cofunds carries no maximum investment limit, making it an attractive option for investors who have already taken advantage of their full ISA allowance.

Using Cofunds to build an investment fund portfolio also gives your clients the advantage of consolidated valuation statements and consolidated tax vouchers each year.

Switching between funds is easy and ISA investors can also top up their investments from as little as £500 per fund, provided they do not exceed the annual ISA limit.

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Cash funds

Cash funds are the lowest risk type of unit trust/OEIC available as, generally, they hold investments similar to bank deposits but with an investment element. Like any unit trust/OEIC, money is ‘pooled’, which allows greater buying powers for the fund managers rather than individuals.

Important information

The value of an investment can go down as well as up. Your clients may get back less than they invest. Although there is no fixed term, clients should be prepared to hold an investment for five years or longer.

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