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Our ISA does not currently offer 'Flexible ISA' withdrawals.


Cofunds makes the process of investing in ISAs quick and easy. You can select and mix funds from multiple providers. Once an ISA is opened, it’s easy to switch investments from fund to fund, as well as top up your clients' investments provided they keep within the ISA limits.

ISA limit

From 6 April 2017, your clients can invest up to £20,000 into their ISA this tax year.

Cofunds Cash Reserve

The Cofunds Cash Reserve allows investors to hold cash within a Cofunds Investment ISA.

The Cofunds Cash Reserve interest is paid monthly, and there is no minimum amount.


Access 'My Trading Terms' within 'My information' to create a personalised fund charge schedule with tailored terms for your portfolios.


ISA transfers

There are three ways that clients can transfer in their existing ISAs:

  1. 1. Re-registration

    Re-registration enables simple fund transfers without the need to sell and then buy back the holdings. This avoids any initial charges and any potential risks of being out of the market. It's ideal for clients who wish to retain their existing funds, providing they are available on the platform. Please note that the re-registration of commission-included share class funds will result in a share class conversion when we receive the assets to an equivalent commission-free share class fund, if available. If there is no equivalent commission-free share class fund, the application will be referred.

  2. 2. Cash transfer

    Cash transfers are ideal for clients who wish to take the opportunity to select different funds during their transfer to Cofunds (e.g. portfolio re-balancing), or who hold funds that are not available for re-registration.

  3. 3. Cash ISA

    Clients are able to transfer their existing cash ISA into a Cofunds stocks and shares ISA. Cofunds will treat this cash in the same way that we would treat a transfer of cash generated from the sale of units in the transfer of an ISA. i.e. it will be retained within the ISA wrapper.

Important information

The value of an investment can go down as well as up. Your clients may get back less than they invest. Although there is no fixed term, clients should be prepared to hold an investment for five years or longer.

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