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Cofunds Key Facts

Cofunds key facts at a glance

Cofunds is what’s called an ‘investment platform’. That means we make it easier for people to buy investments through financial advisers and other institutions, such as stockbrokers and banks. We provide the technology, tools and services to help them to manage investments in one place - efficiently, securely and online.

Once bought, investments can be held on our platform in a range of tax-efficient ways, such as in an ISA or a pension.

What we provide

  • Impartial service – we don’t offer advice or our own funds, so can simply focus on being a market-leading investment platform.
  • Long- term stability and financial strength – we’re wholly owned by Aegon, and have also been awarded a B+ (very strong) financial strength rating from AKG Actuaries & Consultants.
  • Trust – we’re responsible for over £71.9bn of investments on behalf of over 800,000 people. We remain the fastest-growing platform in the UK.
  • Choice - financial advisers, intermediaries and their clients have access to over 2,500 funds from more than 100 fund managers.

Stockbrokers, wealth managers, private banks and pension providers, have access to over 6,700 funds from more than 220 fund managers.

Find An Adviser

If you do not have an adviser, you can view more helpful information here.