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This page is for Professional Financial Advisers only Latest from Cofunds - week commencing 3 October 2011

Changes to model portfolios

Last Thursday, Distribution Technology updated the asset allocation models linked to the risk profiles. Although reviewed on a regular basis, this is the first time they've needed to be updated since 2005.

  • The markets have been through a significant period of turmoil over the past three years and volatility has not returned to historic levels
  • The models themselves were moving towards the lower end of the risk tolerance band and the change will bring them back to the median
  • The outlook for future years in terms of the performance of cash, bonds, equities and the effects of inflation on returns is significantly different now to previous years.

As a result the asset allocations have been realigned, with a move away from UK Equities the most notable shift.

The changes have had a direct impact on the Old Broad Street Research (OBSR) model portfolios which were also updated last Thursday in line with the Dynamic Planner risk profiles and new asset allocation models.

Live interactive online training

Get the most from Cofunds with our live training sessions, covering a range of tools and services available on the platform from the Portfolio Planning tool and Consolidation Assistant to creating model portfolios and panels at firm and client levels. Take a look at the training calendar and reserve your place on a session now.

See the best bits from last weeks Economic Forum

Over 90 advisers enjoyed our Economic Forum in Birmingham last week. Our speakers were thought-provoking, opinionated and fascinating in equal measure.

If you like what you see and would like to come to our next Economic Forum conference in Hemel Hempstead on 16 November you can register here.

Web downtime

We're conducting some essential maintenance to our website this month. This means that these areas of the site will be unavailable between 10am - 4pm on Sunday 16 October.

  • Online Customer Correspondence
  • Existing Customer Registrations
  • Existing Bond & Pension Quotes
  • Switching within insured (L&G) products

We hope this doesn't cause too much disruption - we do try to keep site maintenance to off peak times to minimise the inconvenience to you. Please make sure you save anything you're working on before that time.

Corporate actions

View details of recent and upcoming corporate actions.