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Archive: August 2011

This page is for Professional Financial Advisers only Latest from Cofunds - week commencing 8 August 2011

Cash solutions on Cofunds

In light of the recent activity across global markets, we thought we would make you aware of the cash solutions available to your clients through Cofunds.

We have a broad selection of cash funds on the platform giving you access to one of the lowest risk type of unit trust/OEIC available. As an alternative option to bank deposits, cash funds can be used as a shelter for your client's money in times of market uncertainly. In addition we have a range of cash facilities on the platform that enables investors to hold cash whilst allowing you to efficiently manage investment portfolios.

We've prepared a detailed factsheet to highlight the options available to you.

Place a trade online and pay by cheque

Simply input the trades you'd like to make and save them pending payment. This means you can set up, cancel and prioritise pending trades to tie into a client's cash flows onto the platform. Lots of advisers are already benefitting from the efficiency of this new option, why don't you?

You can submit a trade instruction and 'pend' the payment for up to 14 days - enabling you to pay for the trade by cheque, CHAPS or BACS. The trade will be placed automatically once we receive the payment.

By making one single payment for all pending trades, the process is streamlined and more efficient for you. Naturally Cofunds will continue to support payments from the Cofunds Cash Account / Trading Account, where there is a positive balance, or using the customer's debit card.

The ability to pend trades also means that investments can now be made into model portfolios by cheque - a real plus for clients who don't have a nominated bank account linked to the platform.

Online training is available for anyone who would like more support. Take a look at what's available.

Save time, forget paper

Using paper forms to manage your clients' investments takes up valuable time that you could be spending on more lucrative activities. By using our online process to manage regular investments for new and existing ISAs and Investment Funds - including model portfolios and panels - you'll streamline the process and make it much more efficient.

The first thing to do is to confirm your client's nominated bank account - this links to their platform account and enables money to be sent directly to them. Once your client has a nominated bank account, setting up, maintaining and stopping regular investments is much faster and easier online.

Once set up you can view and maintain your client's regular investment online for ISAs and Investment Funds including model portfolios and panels. You're also able to maintain Regular Investments online for your client's pension products.

Online training is available for anyone who would like more support

Information and opinions: An investment review

On 28 September at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole, six top fund groups will each examine a different sector at this autumn's Economic Forum. Get the very latest expert assessments of China, UK Income, Absolute Return, Global Equity, Agriculture and Property to help you steer your clients through these turbulent times. And on top of all that, Sky News' Jeff Randall will explain why building your reputation is critical in times of financial instability and how to go about it - a timely topic!

Forgotten your password?

No need to call us when you forget your password, you can reset it easily online. On 12 August you'll be asked to choose from a list of security questions which, once answered and saved, will enable you to reset your password at the click of a button.

Website unavailable Sunday 28 August

The website will be unavailable for essential maintenance meaning that unfortunately you won't be able to log in between 3pm on Sunday 28 August until 3am on Monday 29 August.

We hope this doesn't cause too much disruption - we do try to keep site maintenance to off peak times to minimise the inconvenience to you. Please make sure you save anything you're working on before that time.

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