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Archive: June 2016

This page is for Professional Financial Advisers only Latest from Cofunds - week commencing 13 June 2016
Improvements to the Cofunds Pension Account (CPA)

Improvements to the Cofunds Pension Account (CPA)

We've introduced two new and improved CPA application forms, plus you can now make mid-month income payments via BACS.

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Online training � get the most out of Cofunds

Online training - get the most out of Cofunds

Book yourself onto our weekly webinar sessions, and get access to our secure and interactive online training.

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Less paper � shorter simpler forms

Less paper - shorter simpler forms

We've improved our forms to save you and your clients' time, reduce paperwork and make it easier to invest through Cofunds.

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Corporate actions

Corporate actions

View details of recent and upcoming corporate actions

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Improvements to the Cofunds Pension Account (CPA)

We've made some changes to help improve the way you can invest in the CPA. You now have access to a new Additional Contribution form and Regular Investment Instruction form.

The Additional Contribution form has been reduced from six separate forms to a single four page form, with the only exception being the Direct Debit instruction. The benefits include:

  • You no longer need a client's signature for single premiums
  • A one-off adviser fee section has been added
  • Built in employers contribution authority, and client, employer and third-party verification of identity
  • Improved Regular Investment Instruction process - see below for more information.

In the past you would have to manage the net/gross contribution process yourself when tax relief is received by your client. Our new Regular Investment Instruction set up form now allows you to request us to automatically manage gross regular contributions.

Finally in some instances you can now make mid-month CPA income payments via BACS where:

  • If your client has requested their income starts in a particular month, but the application form is received after the monthly deadline, we'll contact you to confirm whether you wish for the income to start the following month, or mid-month for the first payment
  • If you contact us to request an urgent first income payment, we'll offer a mid-month payment for the first month.

Online training - get the most out of Cofunds

Our trainers run weekly webinar sessions which are designed to help you get the most of Cofunds - they're secure, interactive and they're only 45 minutes long.

To book yourself on a webinar session all you need to do is view our training calendar, select a topic, and register your place by clicking on a date suitable for you.

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Less paper - shorter simpler forms

As part of our 2016 programme of platform developments, we're rolling out improvements to our application, client management and transaction forms.

We've reduced the number of pages, improved the look at feel, and introduced an easier to read layout - all aimed at saving you and your clients time, reducing paperwork and making it easier to invest through Cofunds.

The latest updated forms include:

  • Investment Fund Transfer In Form
  • Investment Funds to ISA Application for Joint Holders
  • ISA Transfer Authority
  • Sale of Regular Payment Authority
  • One-off Adviser Fee Payment Form

Please note, previous versions of these forms will still be accepted but won't be available to download from the website.

For further information, feedback or questions please email us.