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Archive: February 2013

This page is for Professional Financial Advisers only Latest from Cofunds - week commencing 18 February 2013

Keeping an eye on the disturbance rules at tax year end

The introduction of disturbance rules as part of RDR has meant that this tax year end may be a little different for your advised clients. All new ISA applications and top ups will be made into commission-free share class funds while investments into model portfolios may require all of a client's assets to be converted.

Please remember that a disturbance event on Cofunds can only take place on commission-included share class funds within the Explicit Pricing Model (including Self-directed Explicit).

What constitutes a disturbance event when investing into an ISA?

  • Lump sum increases to a client's existing portfolio
  • Increases to regular investments
  • Fund switches
  • Revising/updating the asset allocation of a model portfolio
  • Topping up a model portfolio
  • A transfer of assets onto the platform

Disturbance of model portfolios held in an ISA

The model portfolio services on Cofunds allows investment into either commission-included share classes OR commission-free share classes within a single model portfolio - not both. Therefore, if there is a disturbance event, the WHOLE model portfolio will need to be moved to commission-free share classes within the Explicit Pricing Model. You're unable to top up a client's investments into commission-included share class funds.

Enhancements to the Distribution Technology Portfolio Planning Tool

The DT Portfolio Planning Tool now has improved navigation and design. Following your feedback, we've been working closely with Distribution Technology to ensure that the tool is simple and intuitive to use, enabling you to service your clients more easily. Why not take a look at the new tool now?

Our personalised illustration tool is now live

We're pleased to announce that our personalised illustration tool is live. It provides you with a complete client-specific picture of projected investment performance as well as all charges and fees paid via the platform, for up to 25 years.

The tool has taken a little longer than we'd hoped to develop, but its great new features make it a very useful addition to the service we offer you. Take a look at our Personalised Illustrations web page for more details including an online guide, an RDR Essentials guide and Q&As.

Corporate actions

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