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Archive: November 2013

This page is for Professional Financial Advisers only Latest from Cofunds - week commencing 18 November 2013

Enhancing illustrations

This month we've made some improvements to our illustrations tool and Fees & Charges Schedule - we've added some new features while making the output simpler and easier to understand.

  • Mini ISAs and PEPs - if your client holds them, these will now be included automatically within the 'ISA Product Illustration Table' for a comprehensive view of your client's holdings
  • Initial commission waiver - any discounts or waivers you've agreed to on the initial commission of a commission-included share class fund will now be reflected automatically within the illustration
  • 'How To Read This Document' - this section has been reviewed and improved making the Fees & Charges Schedule easier to understand
  • Disclosure of AMC rebate - the 'Fund Manager' table has been updated to display the AMC rebate of each commission-free share class fund for new investments
  • Disclosure of account level income options - illustrations now include a breakdown of the account level income options applicable to an investor's account where they are the primary holder - ie hold on platform, pay to nominated bank account or regular withdrawal. This makes it easier to follow how you manage your client's cash on the platform
  • Improving generic illustrations - we've updated the example information so that it reflects the average investor's holdings on Cofunds
  • Revised Underlying Growth Rates (UGRs) - we've reviewed and amended the UGRs used in the illustration so that they're in-line with the FCA's approach for revising the COBS rules in April 2014. For funds in equity-based IMA sectors, the UGRs we'll now use are 4.5% for unwrapped investment funds and 5% in an ISA. For funds in the following sectors, which are predominantly non-equity, we'll use 2.4% for investment funds and 2.9% in an ISA.

Expert Videos

Alvin Hall Find out what investors really want from advisers, with Alvin Hall.
Budget Webinar Cofunds Budget Webinar 2013.
Five Services Stephen Wynne-Jones explains the five Cofunds services.

Improved Trust application forms

We've enhanced our Trust application forms so they allow us to report additional information to HM Revenue and Customs. These forms have replaced the existing versions and will need to be completed to successfully set up a trust on the platform. You can find these forms within the 'Document centre'.

New fund manager videos coming soon

Keep an eye out for our winter series of fund manager videos coming soon. Covering a range of different topics, including the unintended consequences of RDR and outcome oriented investing, and featuring top fund managers such as John Chatfeild-Roberts and Andrew Wilson they are a great way to catch up on the latest trends. Each video is only 4 minutes long and the first ones will be emailed out early next week.

Cofunds web TV show - RDR one year on

Join us at 12pm on Thursday 28 November to take part in our live, interactive Web TV show. Our expert panel will be discussing the impact RDR has had on businesses over the past year and what's potentially in store for 2014 with the next wave of regulatory change.

Our panellists come from across the financial services industry and will be sharing the views and experiences from an adviser, intermediary, paraplanner and platform perspective.

View the event live on 28 November. To make sure you don't miss out, simply accept our calendar invitation.

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