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Archive: January 2011

This page is for Professional Financial Advisers only Latest from Cofunds - week commencing 24 January 2011

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Updated disclosure documents

With the launch of our new Sale for Regular Payment service, we’ve updated our disclosure literature to reflect the services and operating systems we’ll be offering from 7 February 2011.

The Adviser Agreement and the Cofunds Adviser SLA have been updated to reflect the new functionality.

We have also updated the Cofunds Platform Terms & Conditions and Your Guide to Investing with Cofunds.

You only need to provide ‘Cofunds Platform Terms & Conditions’ and ‘Your Guide to Investing with Cofunds’ to your existing clients if they wish to make use of Sale for Regular Payment service.

These changes will apply to you and your client from 7 February 2011. None of these changes are detrimental to you or your clients; they simply bring our disclosure documents in line with our improving proposition

The new Sale for Regular Payment Instruction form explains the new service and enables you to  obtain your clients’ authority to arrange a Sale for Regular Payment.

Everything you need for this year's ISA season

Our dedicated tax year end site has all the information you’ll need for this year’s ISA season.  Here you’ll find the new support kit that helps you create tailored mailshots to your clients to encourage them to use their ISA limit. It contains all the templates, application forms and guides you’ll need to make the most out of the opportunity tax year end brings.

You can also find details of the collection points we're running throughout the UK on April 5 to enable you to submit those last minute ISA applications.

ISA limits are increasing

Don't forget about the increase in the ISA allowance for the next tax year. The limit has increased by £480 to £10,680.

IMA sector list

Just a reminder that due to lack of demand, from the end of January we’ll no longer produce a monthly list of funds by IMA sector. Don't worry though – you can easily find this information at our Research Centre where you can search by a variety of different categories to give you a real time breakdown of funds according to your own personalised search criteria.

We're B2B not B2C!

You may have heard recent rumours of us competing with you by going direct to consumers - these are categorically untrue. Unfortunately some of our competitors are trying to scaremonger around one of our clients, Comm Free Funds.

We provide platform services to Comm Free like we do to many others with innovative approaches to their solutions, but we haven’t had any involvement in their approach to market or how they have priced their service.

New! Leading Autocall Fund from Barclays Capital**

We're excited to be the first major platform to market with the leading Autocall fund from Barclays Capital. The fund has structured product characteristics but within the structure of an OEIC.

Barclays Capital summarise the IFSL Barclays Defined Returns Autocall Fund 1 as

  • Linked to the FTSE 100 Index
  • Headline rate — 6.50% a year
  • A 6 term but could mature as early as year 3 or annually thereafter
  • Minimum potential return 19.5%: maximum potential return 39%
  • 60% barrier measured at maturity, provides a cushion before capital is at risk
  • Potential returns treated as capital gains
  • ISA eligible (until 25 February 2011)
  • Fully collateralised with AA government bonds to mitigate credit risk
  • Risk of capital loss and not receiving any return even if the investment is  held until the end of its term
  • Risk of capital loss on early sale.

**Cofunds accepts no responsibility for information and/or opinions provided by third parties.

Corporate actions

View details of recent and upcoming corporate actions