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Archive: September 2012

This page is for Professional Financial Advisers only Latest from Cofunds - week commencing 24 September 2012

Commission-free share class funds now available

We're now delighted to be able to offer over 1,700 commission-free share classes from 85 fund groups - including Vanguard's, new-to-Cofunds, onshore and offshore range of funds.

Commission-free share classes coming later this year

Aberdeen Asset Management and Kames Capital will be launching their commission-free share classes later this year - we'll keep you updated on their progress.

We're looking to launch a further 84 commission-free share classes throughout October - take a look at the New Funds Page to find out which.

Where can I get a list of commission-free share classes?

Both the fund lists available via the document centre and the 'My trading terms' section within 'My information' have been updated with the new available commission-free share class funds. The commission-free share classes have been clearly defined, (a carat (^) within the fund lists or an 'N/A' within the 'Trail Commission' column on Trading Terms) to make it easy for you to find the right share classes.

'RDR Essentials' - Helping you prepare for 2013

Our helpful guides are designed to assist you in making the transition to an RDR-compliant world, telling you all you need to know about our platform fees, legacy assets and how to access commission-free share classes - plus much more. Take a look at our RDR Essentials guides now.

Model Portfolios and the Explicit Pricing Model

If you run your own model portfolios and panels on Cofunds, and wish to move clients to an Explicit Advised segment, you'll need to set up new model portfolios for them. You can set them up quickly and easily via our Research Centre. For help building model portfolios, take a look at the 'How do I?' section of the website.

Morningstar OBSR model portfolios in the Explicit Pricing Model

For the time being Morningstar OBSR model portfolios will only be available for investment within commission-included share class funds. Equivalent model portfolios suitable for investment within commission-free share class funds will be available later this year.

Morningstar OBSR will have two versions of the Researched Fund Panel to cater for both explicit and implicit pricing. There are two sectors that won't have fund panels within the Explicit Pricing Model until later this year - UK Equity & Bond sector and North American Smaller Companies sector.

Online and easy TERs and Total Ongoing Charges

We've recently launched a new online tool that calculates a Total Expense Ratio/Total Ongoing Charge at the click of a button from within the Illustrations tab - ideal for when you're producing bond or pension quotes for your clients. Why not try it out now?

Corporate actions

View details of recent and upcoming corporate actions.